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What's in your product?

It should come as no surprise that our products are really loaded with plants, plants and more plants. That’s because plants are natural, well tolerated and give great results.




Each Kinvara formulation contains ingredients rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, minerals & amazing active ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Those are the building blocks of all Kinvara products. We source the ingredients primarily from plant extracts in different forms as well as minerals, clays and seaweeds.

One of the things that makes Kinvara skincare so effective is not just that we use plants extracts but that we use such a high % of plants extracts, effectively making Kinvara products ml for ml some of the most plant powered products on the market today”, Joanne Reilly PhD, Kinvara skincare founder

In fact our products are largely composed of edible ingredients, in some cases 100% (warning these products are for topical use only and are not to be ingested).



You need to know what is in your product, simple as.

To that end we go above and beyond compliance requirements and place ingredients both on the box and on the label – because we know that most people throw away the box almost immediately and usually that means they’ve thrown away the list of whats in their product – no good to you if you want to find out something later.

We go a step further and include the English name as well as the Latin name so you can start to build up an understanding of what those Latin words represent and hopefully can start spotting them on other labels.

We go a step even further by trying to help inform you as to how many and what kind of ingredients are in our products – we do that in the SKINCARE BY NUMBERS panel printed on each carton. It gives us a quick snap shot of what is in your product and also what is not! 

There are lots of plant extracts and natural ingredients like clays and minerals in our products. Our customers are really interested in whats not in our products so to that end we can tell you that our products do not contain the parabens, propylene glycol,  mineral oils, synthetic colours, synthetic fragrances, gmo ingredients or silicones amongst others.  


    There are no ingredients with dairy or gluten added to any of our products. While the risk of contamination is unlikely, that fact that our products are made in a facility handling other ingredients means we cant say it is impossible.

    Some of our products contain nuts (tree and ground) and sesame oil. It clearly states this on the carton for the products in question. 

    Allergens are naturally occurring parts of essential oils that some people have difficulty with. EU regulations require cosmetic companies to state which, if any of the agreed 26 allergens, are to be found in their products. We do this at the end of the list of ingredients, where they are written in italics.



    We use lots of plant oils. As with everything grown naturally these can vary from crop to crop and year to year. Hence please expect some degree of variation between batches of product in characteristics such as colour and smell. 



    We use plant oils that are certified organic (except watermelon which we cant currently source organic) and our products are formulated with organic certification requirements in mind. 

    We are certified Vegan and supporting a global ban on animal testing by PETA.

    We are certified free of microbeads by Plastic Soup Foundation.

    We are currently working on a number of exciting certifications to show our commitment to our goals and the values we share with our customers.


    Many of our customers are vegan and vegetarian and its important to them to know that we do not use animal ingredients in our products.

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