Our Philosophy

We're motivated by an overwhelming desire to do some good and at Kinvara skincare we have decided to do that by only making things that make things better. An ambitious goal but we're happy to start small, start local and make that change one customer and one jar or bottle at a time! We want to help sort out your skincare problems by providing you with really effective multi-tasking products that support your skin using gentle, organic plant based ingredients. We have worked hard to make them multi-tasking and easy to use and layer, so you only need a few well chosen products to cover all eventualities. It all comes down to the product - what's inside the bottle and at Kinvara we know our products really work and give you the results you need - no false promises, no nonsense.


But Kinvara isn't just about the products it's also about how we sell those products and we have decided to do that by challenging the conventional beauty messages and delivering products that make women feel good about themselves from purchase to use. We want to liberate our customers from the nonsense of the conventional beauty industry and encourage them to celebrate their own, unique loveliness that sees them as more than a skin type, more than a problem to be fixed and more than the sum of their years - we're just here to help you take care of your skin.


Celebrating yourself requires an appreciation of what you've already got and an understanding of what you need and when it comes to skincare your needs are simple - just cleanse and moisturise (with a teeny bit of exfoliating now and then). We want our customers to understand their skin, after all they should be the best judge of what it needs but many women feel disconnected from the largest sensory organ in their body. Our skin is the physical limit to who we are, its envelops us with millions of nerves cells that constantly stream back sensory information - yet we dont know what we need or what to buy.




To make that easier we give our customers information on ingredients and labelling so they can see for themselves how natural and effective the products they use are. A look at Kinvara labels will show that our products are safe, gentle, effective and full of gorgeous botanical extracts that make them smell good and gorgeous to use. With Kinvara you can also feel good about our business practices which we try to make as sustainable as possible by reducing, reusing and recycling packaging, buying air powered electricity, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, fair-trade cooperatives and local Irish enterprises.


Kinvara skincare Is Good - Does Good - Feels Good




We only make things that make things better so naturally you will only ever find skin-loving, gentle, natural ingredients in our products.


The following confirmed or suspect ingredients are NEVER found in our products:

  • Phenoxyethanol - preservative widely used to replace parabens but itself subject to growing concerns as a potential irritant
  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicalsc
  • SLS (sodium laurel sulfate)
  • artifical colours
  • artifical perfumes
  • lanolin
  • GMO ingredients

In addition as your skin is the body's' largest organ and can absorb up to 60% of what's applied to it we've decided to only use organically grown plant oils and butters in our products. They cost a lot more but they are significantly better than 'natural' ingredients because they are grown without chemicals and have a lower loading of pesticides etc. as a result. People with sensitivities and compromised health should look for pure, organic ingredients in their skincare products.


Having fantastic ingredients is a huge part of the process but you need to treat them right in order to maximise their efficacy, as a result many of our products are made using an innovative cold process that keeps the vitamin and heat sensitive components intact which is especially important for fragile vitamins and oils such as rosehip, evening primrose and sea buckthorn.


These days it is more important than ever to know what is in the food we eat and what is in the products we use. Thats why we go one step further and give our customers the name of all our ingredients in English so there's no hiding behind Latin names our customers don't recognise - its all part of our overall philosophy to inform and empower our customers so they can make informed purchases. Its also important to remember that ingredients are listed in decreasing order so look for lots of good stuff near the top and middle of the list and expect to see essential oils and preservatives near the end as they are only permitted in small amounts. Last to be listed are any sensitisers found in any essential oils used. They occur naturally.


The names you might not recognize on our labels are probably our preservatives and emulsifiers as they sound more chemically than the rest but rest assured the preservative is approved by the Soil Association and our emulsifiers are food grade, organic. You must have preservatives in products that contain water and emulsifiers keep the oil and water products from splitting. Where we dont have to use them, such as in our oil blends and balms we dont.


Finally all our products including our own herbal macerations, infusions and decoctions are made by hand in small batches, on site, with great care and attention according to international best practices.


We never test on animals, only humanimals. You deserve the best so we only use the best.

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