Our Story

As the person behind Kinvara Skincare you might be interested in me and how I got to here - well let me start by saying the road was bumpy with more up and downs than Disney world - I've cut through forests in Sumatra while conducting pioneering work on endangered Sumatran elephants, worked at community development in Galway, imported architectural stoneworks from Bali, renovated houses and had 2 kids- eclectic or exhausting, but whatever your take I've been learning every step of the way.

But why skincare products I hear you ask.... well its simple I have tricky skin & my husband has tricky skin & I cant resist a challenge so I decided to make products for my family's own use. Everyone who knows me would describe me as low, low maintenance, I dont have the time or money to experiment with finding different products only to discover they contained something unsavoury or were made by a dubious company. So with no real grand plan I started with nothing more than an overdraft and a belief I could do better and offer my customers something they weren't getting already ......namely skincare that was organic but really, really effective and which shared their values in terms of how we do business and what we believe is important.

What that means is we only use really good ingredients, no suspect stuff, no animal derivatives, no testing on anyone other than willing human volunteers and we aim to be sustainable and ethical in our buying and manufacturing practices. There are always small compromises, such as not being able to source as much Irish grown ingredients as we would like for example but as we grow our ability to improve and innovate more will grow too. But most important we have a direction by which we steer and it’s the same as yours, put simply we will do no harm and more than that we purposefully set out to do good, good for you and yours, me and mine, on an individual micro level and on a global macro level. We all have power especially as consumers and it can have significant, positive impact in ways we can't even imagine.

Its just the start for Kinvara skincare but we've set the bar high and we have ambitious plans. We're really grateful for the great reaction we've already received for our Absolute cleansing oil, Rosehip day cream and our Rosehip face serum. More products are ready and waiting to be released.

We look forward to being with you when you wake up every morning and go to bed every night.



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