We are very proud to announce that we are the official sponsors of Look Good Feel Better, an organization dedicated to helping women feel their best and most confident as they battle a cancer diagnosis.

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better provides a service for women that centres around rebuilding their self-confidence when they may not feel their best. Its aim is to help women get their self-confidence and mojo back using the power of makeup to instil confidence and self-esteem. Within our lifetime, 1 in 2 people will have a diagnosis of cancer (Sourced from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI) (www.ncri.ie). A cancer diagnosis can have such a profound impact on an individual as well as it being a daunting and life-changing experience to go through. For many women, the idea of their appearance changing, can be extremely hard to cope with and think about. On top of that, the side effects of treatment can be another negative side effect of cancer and something that can be extremely hard to adapt too.

Look Good Feel Better’s main aim is to support women receiving cancer treatment with free skincare and make-up consultations. This gives them an outlet to enjoy for themselves and a means of escape and a chance to connect with others and express themselves while also improving on a skill that they never knew they had. A woman's self-esteem and confidence can be at its lowest when going through a cancer diagnosis. Their energy and strength, something which they were so used to having is very often depleted, may leave a woman with very little positivity. With the help and support of Look Good Feel Better and the power of makeup, both of these combined can help rebuild self confidence and self-esteem of women who have gone through cancer treatment.

Look Good Feel Better
Look Good Feel Better host free remote skincare and make-up workshops with cancer care centres throughout Ireland, along with private consultations one on one. These workshops were run by a team of dedicated make-up artists.
Research conducted by Look Good Feel Betters indicates that women who have taken part in one of these workshops felt 93% more confident about their appearance as cited in (2018 Global Look Good Feel Better Patient Survey conducted with 10,000 workshop participants over 6 countries worldwide).

We at Kinvara Skincare, love and admire the work of Look Good Feel Better and we are so proud to be the official sponsors and to support such a wonderful charity and its amazing cause. We really hope that our readers also agree, and we would be more than grateful for your support and donations.

If you would like to give your support, you can do so HERE.