In November 2017 we launched our New Hyaluronic Youth Boost and you guys love it as much as we do! It has even won its first award already, in January 2018!! 🙏
Let us tell you a little more about our booster and why it's so fab.
Well it’s a fragrance free gel that combines the proven plumping action of Hyaluronic acid with the superfood properties of Turmeric to help deliver real results. Our Hyaluronic Youth Boost works wonderfully well both on its own or when layered with some of our other products such as our Active Rosehip Day Cream.
The Hyaluronic Youth Boost has being specifically designed and formulated to be used on specific areas of concern i.e your brow, outer eye, lip, and smile lines, that's why it comes with a fine nozzle…. so you can apply a dot and target your areas of concern or use a pea sized amount all over your face, pre moisturiser, as a fast drying boost film.
Here are our Top Tips for using our Hyaluronic Youth Boost.

Always patch test
Apply to freshly cleansed skin.
Apply a pea size amount to the back of your hand.
Pat the Hyaluronic Youth Boost onto the areas where you want to see results.
Leave it dry in for about 2 minutes.
Apply your follow on products, i.e. the Active Rosehip Day Cream or 24hr Rosehip Face Serum.
Repeat daily.
The key ingredients used in this product are Turmeric and Hyaluronic Acid.  
Hyaluronic acid is a substance we all have but loose with age. It has an unbelievable ability to attract and retain moisture. We use it topically to do just that which is why it can help soften the appearance of fine lines - it behaves like a natural filler. The fact that Hyaluronic acid is naturally occuring in human beings means it is a super safe cosmetic ingredient - our bodies know it and can process it. Our extract is a medium to high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid extract. Some HA is derived from the combs of rooster fowl but ours is a Vegan friendly bacteria by-product, commonly used in cosmetics. It's a really good ingredient to look for in skincare and cosmetics. The fact that it costs more than gold (gram for gram) means you can expect it to come with a chunky price tag, at Kinvara we’ve worked hard to help deliver this amazing ingredient to you at an affordable price - we just couldn't leave it out and actually use it in our Eye Wow Eye Serum and Active Rosehip Day Cream for those same reasons too!
We’ve coupled Hyaluronic acid here with another rockstar ingredient Turmeric, its extract Curcurmin is a proven plant extract with peer reviewed research backing up its long list of claims and uses from food use through to medicinal applications in cancer treatments and as a cure for any manner of ailments in Ayurveda and traditional herbal medicine. The turmeric we use, is a carbon dioxide extract which is the creme de la creme when it comes to how to use plant extracts. We love this as it has anti - inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Our extract also imparts a subtle gingery scent without us needing to add any essential oils or fragrance, making this product especially suited to people with sensitivities to fragrances or essential oils (we always recommend a patch test first to ensure it suits you).
Adding Hyaluronic Youth Boost to your skincare routine will help target signs of aging, and is such a simple step to add to your self care skincare routine or use it for those days/nights when you need an extra boost. You decides what works for you.
Don’t Believe Us…. Let’s Hear From the People Who Have Tried it Already!
“It’s a miracle in a tube
I have fallen in Love with this serum.. a little goes a long..easily absorbed and my fine lines are visibly reduced. Love it, love it, love it” Ursula
“Miracle in a bottle! I had next to immediate results with this product & my fine lines have dramatically been reduced so THANK YOU Kinvara! I now cannot live without this product!” Alison
“Excellent product. I love this product. The bags under my eyes in the morning have disappeared and my skin feels amazing. The redness in my cheeks has reduced and my face looks healthier and glowing.” Sandra
“Great new discovery! I've noticed a few light wrinkles appearing (crow's feet and smile lines on side of mouth) so I decided to try it. I certainly notice a difference after application. Lines are more subtle and there's a lovely glow. I'll definitely continue using both products. Glad to have discovered Kinvara skincare and happy to support Irish products!” Aine Maire

“This works! I love this serum. I've already noticed an improvement in my skin texture after a few uses. It feels firmer and healthier. Great product” Charlotte

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