Q. Are Kinvara skincare's products Free from allergy causing ingredients?

There are many substances that do not commonly cause allergic reactions. Our ingredients are chosen with this property in mind. However, there can occasionally be an ingredient that causes a reaction in a tiny minority of people. However, should this occur you should stop using the product immediately. This applies even to products which are organic or claim to be hypoallergenic. KinvaraSkincare products do NOT contain parabens, SLS/SLES, synthetics, fragrances, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, animal derivatives, artificial colourants or any other nasties. Your skin absorbs 60% of whats applied to it so we want to make that 60% as safe and natural as possible.


Q. What packaging do you use for your products?

REDUCE - We dont use outer boxes to hold our products because they only serve a brief function and are then thrown away. That might change in the future if we can't say everything we need to say on the size of label the product can support - if that happens we will be looking for recycled paper for our boxes.
REUSE - We mainly use amber glassware for packaging to prevent product degradation from direct sunlight. We have numerous different closures for the glassware depending on the product in question and how it needs to be delivered. All are fully recyclable.
RECYCLE - You will receive your order in post consumer packaging such as bubble wrap from our suppliers etc.


Q. Do you use palm oil?

We do not use palm oil as a base oil in any of our products. However palm oil is a very common ingredient in emulsifiers and other cosmetic ingredients. The emulsifier we use sources its palm oil from sustainable sources look at RSPO in our ingredients and www.rspo.org?


Q. Can I use Kinvara skincare products while I am pregnant?

We would recommend that you consult your doctor or gynaecologist before using any therapeutic product from us, or anyone else.


Q. Do you use preservatives?

There are NO preservatives in our Cleansing Oil blends because it doesn't need any, but every product that combines water and oil needs a preservative otherwise it would need to be kept in the fridge and would spoil after a few weeks. There is much contention over the use of various preservatives in skincare, parabens have been reportedly linked to cancer yet some industry boffins would suggest that they are safe when used at low dosages. We adopt a precautionary approach and have chosen to use a preservative system approved by the Soil Association in the UK, namely Benzyl alcohol, salicyclic acid, sorbic acid & glycerine. The choice of preservative is routinely reviewed to accommodate new innovations in research & development in the beauty sector.


Q. How is Kinvara skincare sustainable?

Sustainability is really important to us both from the point of view of the products and of the business as a whole—we don’t use boxes to cut down on waste and our glass bottles & jars are fully recyclable. We have sourced Irish grown rapeseed oil which we’re using more and more. Our power is bought from Airtricity. A growing number of ingredients are fair-trade as well as organic see our Ingredients page for more details on these.


Q. How quickly are Kinvara skincare orders dispatched?

We aim to post your purchases to you within 48 hours with our courier partner Fastway. If you do not receive your order in this time please email us to let us know. 


Q. Are Kinvara skincare products tested on animals?

No! They are, however, tested on us humans (a lot!!)


Q. What is a Batch Code?

Every KinvaraSkincare product has a unique batch code identifying it and the day it was made. This allows for quality control.


Q. What's on your labels?

Labels by law list ingredients in order of decreasing volume (%) starting with the largest ingredient by volume and finishing with the smallest ingredient. Essential oils and preservatives are only permitted in small doses so you should expect to see them towards the bottom of the label. In addition ingredients should follow INCI or International Nomenclature by listing the ingredients in Latin. We want our customers to know whats in their skincare products so we have given them their common English names.


Q. Do your products contain Allergens or Sensitisers?

Most essential oils contain allergens or sensitisers that can irritate some peoples skin. It is important to remember that even natural/organic products can evoke a reaction so we recommend you conduct a simple skin test before general use of our products.


Q. How do I perform a Skin Test?

Put a small amount of product either behind your ear or in the crook of your arm, leave for 24 hours if possible and if no redness or irritation occurs than proceed to general use.


Q. Does your company carry out animal testing?

Our products are only tested on humans and very willingly too we might add.


Q. Are your products suitable for Eczema & other skin complaints?

All our products are formulated to be gentle on the skin and are therefore suitable for most sensitive skin conditions. People with allergies and sensitive skin should carry out a simple skin test to ensure they dont react to the natural and organic ingredients in our products. Our products don't claim to cure any specific conditions and we encourage you to seek advice for underlying medical conditions.
Pregnant women and people suffering from epilepsy should exercise caution in using products with certain essential oils - seek advice accordingly.


Q. Are your products vegan friendly?

Yes they are.


Q. Are Kinvara skincare products Halal?

Kinvara skincare contains no pig or any other animal derivatives as is often the case in high street skincare products.


Q. What does Irishness mean to Kinvara skincare?

We make everything in Ireland and always will. However the Irish climate doesn't allow our farmers to grow many of the plant ingredients you need to put in functional skincare products. We do use Donegal grown rapeseed oil and we would love to include more Irish grown ingredients as and when the supply allows.


Q. How organic are Kinvara skincare products?

All our plant oils, butters and plant extracts (except Watermelon) are organically grown and come through handlers along the supply chain that are themselves certified organic (as of 2013). These extracts make up a significant percentage and volume of our products so its important that they are organic wherever possible.


We decided to purchase non-organic essential oils as we felt these extracts have gone through steam or in a few exceptions solvent extraction and any inherent benefit from using organic raw material would be all but lost. In addition they are only ever present in very small percentages i.e. less than 1% in total.


The advantage is that the cost saving made is reflected in our competitive price and desire to make our quality products affordable to as many people as possible. We are working towards organic certification, hopefully in 2015-2016


If your question has not been answered here, please email us your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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