• Normal to Oily Skin

    While normal skin is balanced and generally clear, oily skin can be problematic, with excessive oil production leaving the skin shiny, greasy, and may have big pores.

    There is a myth that people with oily skin should not use an oil based cleanser, but oil cleansing is the gentlest way to cleanse and balance your skin. It doesn't disrupt the natural ph level of your skin and helps regulate the skin and controls oil production.

    Our Absolute Cleansing Oil doesn’t contain any alcohol, soap, acid or fragrance so this is a really great product to start with. Exfoliating oily skin once or twice a week is sufficient - our Elemental Exfoliating Powder will remove dull, dead skin cells and will leave pores clean. If you would like to see how to layer these products then click here.

    Combined these products will gently rebalance oil production in the skin while targeting blemishes and congestion.

    Normal to Oily Skin– Kinvara Skin Care