• Normal to Dry Skin

    Dry skin can be flaky, scaly, or rough. Normal skin is usually balanced, clear, and not sensitive and you can use all products without any sensitivity..

    If you have normal to dry skin then cleansing is the first step to great skin. Our products will deeply hydrate and ease the discomfort and tightness of dry skin! If you have dry skin then you might think that exfoliating will dry the skin more but it will get rid of flaky cells - this will make skin look clearer and more even. Applying the 24 hr Rosehip Face Serum is super hydrating for dry skin. Apply your Active Rosehip Day cream while the skin is damp to lock in moisture. The Eye Wow will target any dark circles and will hydrate under the eye area and will minimise dark circles! If you would like to see how to layer these products then click here