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True Skin Story with Alison Ivers

True Skin Story with Alison Ivers


1. What is your skin type?



2. What is your age range?

26 years old.


3. What are your skin concerns?

Acne & scarring!


4. What are the pros of the products?

Balances out the oily feeling in my skin and controls my acne substantially.


5. Has your skin always been tricky/combination?

My skin has been a problem from late teens – getting substantially worse from my 20’s.


6. What triggers your skin condition?

Diet & Hormones. Hormones for the time of the month generally worsen my skin.


7. What Kinvara Skincare products do you use?

Eye serum, day cream, cleansing oil, face serum.


8. What is your Kinvara skincare routine?

I use the cleansing oil in the morning, the eye serum and then I use the day cream.

In the evening, I use the cleansing oil, eye serum and then the 24 hour rosehip face

serum before bed!


9. How soon did you notice a difference in your skin after using Kinvara?

Within 2 weeks!


10. What difference did you notice in your skin after using Kinvara?

My face felt generally clean throughout the day, and much less oily. Spots started to

clear up substantially – firstly around my forehead and neck.


11. What do you love about using the Cleansing Oil?

You don’t need to use much of it, so each bottle lasts a long time making it great value

for money. Also it feels great going onto your skin, feels like a great quality product.


12. Had you tried many other products to treat your combination skin prior to using Kinvara?

I have tried using various products such as – simple, clearsil, tesco own brand,

dermalogical, olay, st. ives, nivea, Neutrogena, the body shop


13. In your opinion, does the cleansing oil remove all traces of makeup effortlessly, even stubborn mascara?

The cleansing oil is the best make up remover I have ever used – it removes all make up

effortlessly and doesn’t leave the skin irritated/red. It removes all mascara easily – even

water proof mascara. I would never remove my make up with anything else since using

this oil!


14. How does your skin feel in the morning after your nightly cleanse with the cleansing oil?

It feels smooth and refreshed.


15. What tips would you give to someone else using the product?

To make sure that you try keep the routine daily for best results.


16. How long have you been using the Cleansing Oil?

Since June 2015.


17. Do you think it offers value for money?

It is great value for money, I couldn’t fault the price at all.


18. Is it very important that the products are all natural?

Yes! It is great to know there are no chemicals going in to your skin and knowing there is

nothing that can harm your skin is a relief!


19. How likely are you to recommend the product to a friend?

I have already recommended it to many of my friends and online bloggers who have

asked for the best skincare to use daily or for the best skincare for problem skin!



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