• 11 Benefits of the Oil Cleansing Method

    August 08, 2018

    11 Benefits of the Oil Cleansing Method

    1. Gentle: Oil Cleansing is the gentlest way to cleanse your skin thoroughly. It doesn't disrupt the natural Ph level of your skin and never leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. Instead, you skin feels clean, and fresh and dare we say it, glowing!
    2. Regulates the Skin: Oil Cleansing helps regulate the skin and controls oil production which helps reduce and get rid of acne. Based on the principle of ‘like dissolves like’, the plant based oils in Kinvara Skincare’s Absolute Cleansing Oil bind to the ‘bad oils’ on your skin gently lifting them away which overtime balances your skin without clogging your pores! We especially love it for this!

    3. Deep Cleanse: Oil Cleansing gives a Deep Cleanse that removes any impurities, bacteria and dead skin cells. The oil literally binds to the dirt on your skin and lifts it away. There is no need for Double Cleansing as the Oil Cleansing leaves no residue, not even the most stubborn mascara!

    4. Effective Makeup Remover: Oil Cleansing gently dissolves all makeup, yes, even the most stubborn waterproof mascara! It’s literally your one stop cleanser that removes everything, albeit gently and effectively. And the oil gives your lashes some much needed nourishment. Double fist pump!

    5. Smells Divine: Our Absolute Cleansing Oil has an incredibly uplifting smell that has a gorgeous scent owing to the amazing blend of plant oils including watermelon and lemon peel oil. Our customers have commented that it gives them that ‘facial feeling’!

    6. Night Cleanse Only: It's not necessary to cleanse your skin each morning after a nightly oil cleanse. We recommend splashing your face with water and letting your own natural oils sit on your skin in the morning. This actually helps your skin to self regulate and if you’ve oily skin, after a few weeks of using an oil cleanse, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your pores becoming balanced and less oily.

    7. Suitable for Problem skin: Cleansing with a natural plant based oil like Kinvara Skincare’s Absolute Cleansing Oil is incredibly gentle on your skin, making it ideal for skin that is prone to Acne, Psoriasis and Rosacea. We do recommend always doing a Patch Test to ensure that it's suitable for your skin types.

    8. Economical: Look for a cleansing oil that has a dispenser pump like Kinvara Skincare’s Absolute Cleansing Oil which dispenses the correct amount of oil each time. No mess, no waste! You only need to use 1-2 pumps of our oil and a single bottle of Absolute Cleansing Oil (€22.95) lasts for over 3 months. Top Customer Tip: 1 pump is more than enough!

    9. Suits All Skin Types: Oil Cleansing is suitable for all ages and all skin types including Sensitive, Dry, Combination and Problem skin. And yes, even oily skin! It helps balance your skin’s oil production rather than making your skin oilier which is a myth.

    10. Anti-Aging: The plant based oils in our Absolute Cleansing Oil are rich in antioxidants that help fight the free radicals that cause premature aging.

    11. Healthy Glow: The Hot Cloth Cleanse method gives your skin a fresh, healthy glow by gently steaming away all the dirt and impurities. Are you ready to get your glow on?

    Top Tips

    • Always add Kinvara Skincare’s Absolute Cleansing Oil to damp skin.

    • Use a clean Facecloth each time to gently wipe away the oil.

    • Give your face a gentle massage while you’re gently rubbing the oil in. It helps stimulate circulation in your skin.

    We are proud to say that Kinvara Skincare’s Absolute Cleansing Oil has won multiple Awards including Best Cleanser at the Beaut.ie Awards 2018.

    For more details on the Oil Cleansing Method, click here. To read more or to purchase Kinvara Skincare's Absolute Cleansing Oil €22.95, visit the product page. Use code CLEANSE10 for 10% off today!


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