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Elephant Bracelet | Your purchase with a purpose

Elephant Bracelet | Your purchase with a purpose

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We at Kinvara Skincare, love and admire the work of The Community for Sumatran Nature Conservation (CSNC) and we are proud to announce our support of such a wonderful charity and its amazing cause. Komunitas Hutan untuk Sumatra (KHS)/Community for Sumatran Nature Conservation (CSNC) is an Indonesian non-profit conservation organization, established in 2015 by a small group of Indonesian and foreign conservationists working in Sumatra for nature protection and wildlife conservation that focuses on elephant care.

We make award-winning skincare but we also regularly support people and organisations that we feel are doing good things and trying to make our world a better place.

For all of those reasons, we are very happy to be supporting The Community for Sumatran Nature Conservation (CSNC, https://www.khs-csnc.org/) and you can too!  We have created a bespoke bracelet in which any purchase of this bracelet automatically results in a donation of €5  to support their work on Asian elephants in Sumatra, both wild and captive, and the human communities that suffer from Human-Elephant Conflict. 

elephant bracelet


Your Purchase with a Purpose will help elephant conservation in the following ways

  1. Helps to improve the living conditions of captive elephants with purchasing of foods and medicines

  2. Helps towards improving the working conditions of elephant handlers 

  3. Helps support elephant patrols that reduce human-elephant conflict

It's a topic very close to our founder Joanne’s heart, as her doctoral research was focused on the Asian elephant in Sumatra and it resulted in a new, better way to identify the age elephants, a study of captive elephants in one of the government’s elephant centres and created strategies for helping local communities suffering from human-elephant related conflicts.

What makes this project unique is its work on both the wild and captive elephants in Sumatra.  Captive elephants, most of whom are wild-born but have been captured in response to incidents of human-elephant conflict, have often been overlooked and need very specific help and resources.  Conditions in captive elephant centres are challenging, the cost and requirements for keeping an elephant in captivity for their whole lives is an expensive task. Releasing elephants is often not an option as growing habitat pressure reduces their habitat and forces them into conflict with farmers, plantations and neighbouring communities. This charity works solidly to look after the 480 captive elephants living in different facilities throughout Indonesia, such as government Elephant Conservation Centers (ECC), Government or NGO managed in Elephant Response or Conservation Response Units (ERU/CRU), Zoos, Safari Parks and Tourism Parks.


That's why we support the work that CSNC does!  For example, 27 of the sixty plus captive elephants in the Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre are currently participating in the crop raiding units that patrol hotspots along the park’s border.  Their function is to be a deterrent presence pushing wild elephants away from local crops and confrontation with local farmers.  It is working, and it also gives the captive elephants a purpose and very close contact with their handler (mahout) as well as additional supplemental food and medicine.

According to the most up to date figures by WWF, they estimate that Asian elephant numbers have dropped by at least 50% over the last three generations. This decline is still happening today with recent figures estimating that only 40,000-50,000 remain in the wild, which classifies the species as endangered. 


Your purchase with a purpose:

You can buy the bracelet knowing that 100% of profits are going to help people working to make a difference.  Maybe you can spread the love and gift one to a friend?

Elephant Bracelet

Elephant Bracelet


Your Purchase with a Purpose! A limited-edition bracelet of black coloured pumice stone beads interspersed with 3 metal adornments including 1 elephant figure, strung together with a plastic thread.  Simply slide over your wrist and look good while doing good.  Your… Read More

Tip: Some people add a drop of their favourite essential oil to the bracelet and wear it to enjoy a natural scent throughout the day.

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