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How to create the perfect autumn skincare routine

How to create the perfect autumn skincare routine

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It’s that time of year where the nights are drawing in, there’s a chill to the wind and our surroundings are filled with the glorious autumnal colours. As we step into the new autumn season our routine changes. We pack away our summer linen and flip flops for thick jumpers and stomping boots. Light salads and fish dinners get swapped out for heartier and warmer meals. Not to mention the central heating is back from its sabbatical! 

So, just like we change other aspects of our lives with the seasons, so too should our skin care routine adapt to the new environment we face. We’ve spent the last few months protecting our skin from UV rays, mojito-induced dehydration, and excess oil from all the sweaty dance floors (mostly kitchen dance floors) we’ve graced this summer. However, the sudden drop in temperature and biting winds have a big impact on how your skin looks and feels. It requires a seasonal specific skin care routine to maintain that gorgeous glow you’ve sustained over the summer. 

We’re going to share our top tips on how to protect your skin throughout the colder months, so the autumn showers don’t wash away that amazing complexion you’ve worked so hard for. 

Switch cleanser to oil


Throughout the autumn you switch temperatures constantly. It’s not uncommon to go from pumping central heating to a freezing commute and then from a hot office to a brisk walk to the shops. The constant changing in temperatures can disrupt the balance of moisture on your skin. So, throughout autumn it’s common for your skin to get a lot drier and flakier.

Swapping out cleansers for a natural oil can help you to improve moisture retention and a healthy glow throughout the winter months. Cleansers can strip the skin of its natural oils which is fine during the summer months when sebum production is ramped up because of the heat. However, as sebum production reduces with the air temperature, those precious oils are needed to protect your skin.

So, look for cleansing oils with a blend of natural ingredients like Kinvara’s
Absolute Cleansing Oil. That way you will still get the benefit of cleansing your skin from unwanted impurities, but it will also lock in the much need moisture that you need to face the fluctuating temperatures of Autumn.


Use a thicker moisturiser 

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As autumn progresses into winter and the days get even colder, it’s likely that your skin will start to feel a lot drier. Especially in the more delicate areas where the skin is less durable like under your eyes and those lovely lips. 

So, it’s a good idea to add a thicker moisturising layer throughout the fall months to prepare your skin for the bone chilling temperatures. The right moisturiser will create a protective layer over the skin which will stop moisture escaping and keep your skin feeling happy and hydrated. 

If you have oily skin and usually avoid moisturisers all together in the summer months, then you might want to stick to lighter moisturisers that include natural oils like jojoba to maintain a healthy glow. On the other hand, if you know you have dry skin all year around, you will want to find a heavier, thicker moisturiser to give your skin the extra nourishment it will need in the colder temperatures. 

Introduce serums


While moisturisers can form a protective barrier on the surface of your skin (epidermis), you’ll also need something that’s easily absorbed to lock in moisture under the surface of your skin in the dermis and hypodermis layers. Introducing a serum will help you maintain a polished and youthful complexion even in the bracing cold and icy winds of autumn.

Serums are filled with antioxidants and vitamins. Both are vital for the skin’s regeneration process and to protect against free radical damage which can advance the signs of ageing. So, serums are a great way to provide a deeper protection for your skin throughout the autumn that will aid your skin’s natural defences and repair process. 

Serums should be applied before moisturisers and given 2-3 three minutes to settle and absorb before applying any additional products.

Kinvara’s 24hr Rosehip Face Serum is ideal to keep normal skin in great condition and can help manage tricky skin concerns like dry, irritated and uncomfortable skin.

Focus on hydrating products


Maintaining a good complexion throughout autumn is all about hydration. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in our bodies and takes the form of a clear gooey substance. It’s mostly found in your skin, eyes, and connective tissues. Its party trick is that it can retain 1000x its weight in water which makes it the perfect skin care ingredient to add into your autumn routine. 

There has been lots of research that shows how hyaluronic acid, when applied to the surface of the skin, can make it appear smoother, reduce wrinkles, and minimise redness (YES PLEASE!). Therefore, adding in products that contain hyaluronic acid (like Kinvara’s Active Rosehip Day Cream) is a no-brainer!

Key takeaways on how to create the perfect autumn skincare

Our bodies are great at adapting to different environments but sometimes they need a little help. It only takes a few simple changes to your skin care routine to avoid dry, flaky, and irritable skin caused by the colder temperatures. Following the tips outlined above will help you to maintain a healthy moisture balance and form a protective barrier against the harsh autumnal elements.

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