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Here’s Why You Should Use Vitamin E in Your Skincare Routine

Here’s Why You Should Use Vitamin E in Your Skincare Routine

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Vitamin E is commonly found on your bathroom shelf but have you ever wondered what this magic ingredient can do for your skin?

While Vitamin E is found naturally in your body as well as in certain foods such as almonds and avocados, it’s also a great ingredient to include in your skincare routine.

What is Vitamin E?

Also known as tocopherol, Vitamin E is an antioxidant with a wide range of properties beneficial for your skin. Like all antioxidants (i.e. the good guys), its main job is to prevent oxidative damage to your cells by helping to remove free radicals (the bad guys). But that’s not all it does.

With an abundance of skincare benefits, here are four reasons why you should add Vitamin E to your daily routine.

What are the benefits of Vitamin E?

  • It’s moisturising

Vitamin E is fat-soluble which means it has the ability to penetrate deep into your skin and help protect the lipid barrier, making it an ideal ingredient to look out for if you have dry skin. When applied topically, Vitamin E gets to work by helping to seal any cracks in the skin’s outer layer, helping to keep the bad stuff out and locking in the good stuff i.e. moisture so that your skin feels soothed and hydrated all day. If your skin is very dry, try a Vitamin E moisturiser such as Kinvara Skincare’s Active Rosehip Day Cream or opt for our 24 Hour Rosehip Face Serum which also contains it if you want something lighter.


  • It may help help protect against sun damage

The primary role of Vitamin E in the skin is to help defend against environmental stressors like air pollution and unprotected sun exposure that can otherwise weaken your skin over time. Thankfully, Vitamin E has photoprotective properties which means it may help protect against UV exposure and sun damage — just make sure you’re also using sunscreen. Additionally, using Vitamin E in combination with Vitamin C may be even more effective in helping to prevent photodamage, according to the Linus Pauling Institute. These vitamins go well together because they both help protect the skin against different types of UV damage.



  • It may help prevent signs of aging.

Sun damage can lead to unwanted signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. But according to an article published in The Journal of Molecular Medicine, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may  help defend your skin against environmental aggressors like sun damage by neutralising the adverse effects of free radicals.

  • It’s anti-inflammatory

As if that wasn’t enough, Vitamin E is also claimed to have natural anti-inflammatory (according to research by the Linus Pauling Institute) properties which means it may help reduce redness, roughness and other general inflammation in your skin.


With all of the above benefits combined, including Vitamin E in your day to day skincare routine could leave you with glowing skin and a luminous complexion. Now, who doesn’t want that?

How to use Vitamin E

Vitamin E-based products can be applied to your skin at any time of day, morning or night.

Although your body naturally produces it in the sebaceous glands, topical Vitamin E application can help replenish your skin’s natural reserves which deplete over time and allow it to function at peak levels.

We suggest using it in the morning in the form of a serum underneath your favourite SPF as it can help protect your skin from everyday pollutants and microaggressions. At night, try slathering your skin in a luscious cream, allowing it time to sink in and hydrate your complexion while you get some beauty sleep.

At Kinvara, we use Vitamin E in a variety of our product formulations to provide antioxidant and moisturising benefits. Packed with only the good stuff, discover our best-selling products here and reap the benefits for yourself.

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